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We have art to save ourselves from the truth


*japanese lady voice* kono bangumi wa. goran no suponsaa no teikyou de okurishimasu.

(via tetsumine)

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1. selfie

Now I am not a selfie person so I’m not sure how does a regular selfie look like but I got the idea that they have to be taken by phones? anywho this is my selfie. and yes I did go out of my way to put on a cape and yes I’m still siting with it :D I actually took a bunch of pictures and had fun with it. Sorry for the potato quality

23. fears

To be completely honest I have a bunvh of fears some of which are childish and rather silly to the once that are common or creepy. So I’m actually afraid of frogs or any other kind of reptiles, if I frog is in my way, I will either wait for it to move, stomp my feet very loudly for it to move or just go the other way around. Other than that I’m really not comfortable with talking on the phone with starngers and I’m afraid of going insane.

33.Something you want to learn.

To swim. I love the sea, I love lakes rivers, sadly the only style I can swim in (and am perect at) is the anchor. I jump into the water. I try. I sank